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Gun Servicing and Repairs

FA Anderson offers competitively priced, in-house, air rifle, shotgun and rifle servicing and repairs from our shop in West Sussex. Replacement of springs and firing pins, barrel work, stock alteration to suit the fit of the individual and re-finishing are all part of the service provided.

Please call us or pop into the shop in East Grinstead to talk to our expert staff.

Below is a guide to our gun servicing and repairs and costs. Costs shown do not include VAT.

Gun servicing - strip and clean

Strip & Clean

Gun fully stripped, degreased & polished. All parts lubricated and reassembled. Woodwork checked for cracks/damage, dry wood will be given a light coating of suitable stock finish. Gun is tested using snap caps.

Strip & Clean: Boxlocks £137 – Sidelocks £203

Gun servicing - strip and clean

Tighten/Re-jointing Action

Shotguns can eventually become loose. Tightening can be done by various methods depending on the gun design. Work is priced according to the amount of movement or off face condition.

Tighten/Re-jointing Action: £99 – £198

Gun servicing – action being tightened

Raising Dents and Lapping

A dent in a barrel can cause wear to barrel wall thickness. Often a repair to a dent will require the barrels to be lapped or honed then re-blacked.

Raise dents and lapping – per barrel: £99

Gun repair - dent removal

Choke Removal

In a shotgun, the choke is the difference between the bore diameter and the exit diameter of the muzzle. While most modern sporting and hunting shot guns have interchangeable choke systems, many still used fixed chokes. A lapping bed would be used to adjust the muzzle diameter to the required choke. Common 12 bore choking range from 10 thou (1/4 choke) – 40 thou (full choke).

Choke Removal (each): £82

Firing Pins

Depending on the make of the shotgun replacement firing pins are available from the manufacturer. On older guns firing pin often have to be machined up and hardened by the gunsmith.

Firing Pins (each): £66 (from)

Gun repairs - new firing pin fitting

New Springs

There are many springs in a shotgun, top lever, firing pin, main, ejector, trigger etc. Spring also come in different styles, coil, flat or V which can affect the cost.

New springs: £66 (from)

Gun servicing - new springs being prepared

Re-lay Ribs and Black

Some ribs are silver soldered to the barrels and can eventually come loose or lift then require re-fitting. The process requires the rib to be removed, barrels cleaned and polished, the rib is then re-attached and the barrels re-blacked.

Re-lay Ribs and Black: £528 (from)

Re-Blacking or Browning

Barrels are fully stripped of old finish then prepared for re-colouring which is then done by specialists.

Re-Blacking £225 – Re-Browning barrels £374 (includes preparation)

Lengthen Stock with Pad

The cost will vary depending on the pad required. Some pads are available from the manufacturers and will fit correctly while oversize pads will need to be ground down and finished to fit the butt of the stock.

Lengthen stock with pad: £137 (from)

Lengthen Stock with Wood

The length of pull is measured from the trigger to the centre of the stock butt (LOP). If a gun is too short for the owner the stock can be lengthened by attaching a thicker recoil pad. Some customers prefer a wood extension to match the stock woodwork of their gun. Selecting a piece of wood to match, shaping, chequering and finishing the replacement is a skilled job.

Lengthen stock with wood: £198 (from)

Gun services – Wooden stock being extended

Shortening Stock

If the LOP (length of pull) is too long, the stock can be cut down and in most cases, the original butt pad can be re-fitted.

Shorten stock: £88 (from)

Run services - stock being shortened

Casting Stock

From measurement supplied by the customer, a stock can be altered to fit the owner. Moving the stock to the right or left is called casting (cast off – right-handed, cast on – left-handed). Other stock alteration such as raising or lowering the comb can also be undertaken. All woodwork is done at the owner’s risk.

One way: £132

Two way: £176

Refinishing Stock & Fore-end

Stock finishing can be completed with different finishes, the most popular is the English style oil finish. This looks good and offers a protection that lasts.

Refinishing: £352

Gun services – wooden stock being finished
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