Rifle Bipods & Shooting Sticks

A bipod is a two-legged stand that attaches to the barrel of a rifle. The main purpose of a bipod is to steady the rifle and facilitate a balanced firing and allows you to fire in a comfortable position.

A shooting stick is a combined walking stick and a folding chair. They are used as a short-term seat at outdoor events and not exclusively for shooting.

Below is a selection of products we sell. If you are not sure which product is right for you, please call us or call into the shop in East Grinstead for advice. Our staff are all experts and will be able to recommend the best options for you.

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Blaser Bipod

Blaser R8 Professional Success – Javelin Bipod & Adaptor

Exclusively created for Blaser, the Blaser Bipod design has all the details of the Javelin but includes many new features.

The shape reflects the curved R8 stock so there are no edges or angles to be seen. The head section, which is made from 12 components, is smooth and rounded with a wider stance of 55 degrees. Every metal part of the Blaser bipod is machined from solid billet using 5 axis CNC machines; there are no castings or pressed metal parts.

The adapter is housed in the fore end of the R8 Professional Success stock. Only the sling stud protrudes to maintain the beautiful lines of the stock. Replacement for existing owners is a quick and simple procedure by removing 2 screws in the stock and swapping the fore end.

Debden Extreme Precicsion Bipod

Deben Bipod

Deben's Extreme Precision swivel and tilt bipods are made from lightweight, high grade hardened alloys. They have been designed to be quick and steady to use, as well as strong and durable. They include spring loaded adjustable legs.

Hammond Quadpod

Hammond Quad Pod

The Hammond Quad Pod Rifle sticks are the best the market has to offer. They feature fully adjustable legs made from medical grade aluminium. They provide solid, positive height adjustment and bench rest steadiness.

Javelin Bipod

Javelin Bipod

The Javelin Bipod is easily removable from a rifle in one action and can be fitted to the rifle when needed in a split second. Weighing only 133 grams it is very compact with extendable legs.

This bipod enables the shooter to rotate the rifle without having to pick it up and reposition it, allowing moving targets to be followed. The built-in Cant system means the rifle remains level on uneven ground.

The Javelin Bipod is constructed from hi-tech material to the highest specifications. The design does not use springs, catches or other cumbersome and noisy components, making it very quiet to use.