Gun Accessories

FA Anderson stock a wide range of products carefully selected for the quality and value. Visit our shop in East Grinstead, West Sussex for friendly help and advice from our expert staff.

The products below are just a selection of what we stock. Please call or pop into the shop in East Grinstead for our full range.

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Antique and collectable gun sales
We also sell Antique & Collectable weaponry of a bygone era.

Gun Care Products and Kits

Bisley Gun Cleaning Kit

Gun Presentation Cleaning Kits

The Bisley Presentation Cleaning Kit includes three-piece rod, phosphor bronze brush, wool mop, nylon jag, yellow duster, Bisley Gun Oil, Bisley Bore Cleaner & patches – Just the job for day’s in the field and for maintaining your shotgun when you are at home. Presented in a durable presentation case. Available in 12 and 20 bore

Hoppes Boresnake gun bore cleaner

Gun Bore Cleaning

Hoppe’s Boresnakes are a very fast way to clean a gun's bore. One pass loosens large particles, scrubs out the remaining residue with a bronze brush, then swabs it all spotless with a cleaning area 160x larger than a standard patch.

Add a few drops of oil and your gun’s ready for storage.

CALIBRE SIZE : .17, .204, .22, .243, .30, .458, .270, .257, .410, 28 bore, 20 bore, 12 bore

Napier Super VP90 corrosion inhibitor for guns

Gun Corrosion Inhibitor

The Super VP90 corrosion Inhibitor is used to protect guns and other metal objects, either in a gun safe, bag, locker or tackle box. The advanced vapour phase action deposits an invisible monomolecular coating on any exposed metal, leaving glass, plastic wood, leather etc totally unaffected. The vapour deposits an invisible monomolecular film which bonds to any exposed metal surface forming a barrier impervious to attack from moisture and other corrosive elements.

Gun Transportation and Storage

Gun Slips and Gun Belts

Gun Slips, Cartridge Bags & Belts

Guardian Canterbury Cartridge Belts are made from supple yet durable leather the Canterbury cartridge belt is made up of 25 closed loop cartridge holders all stitched from a matching hide. Available in either 12 or 20 gauge.

We have a wide selection of slips, bags and belts in store. Please drop in or call us for expert advice on the best products for your needs.


Brattonsound Gunsafes

Brattonsound Gunsafes

We supply Brattonsound Gunsafes. Features Common to Sentinel and Sentinel Plus Gunsafes:
Strong 2mm thick, fully welded steel construction (Including fully welded top). Using the latest CNC high definition plasma cutting and press brake technology to achieve consistent accuracy and high quality.
Full-length anti-jemmy bar, for increased Protection, to the lock side of the gunsafe.
Recessed door with multiple folds on the door and door housing to maximise strength and resistance to attack.
High-density foam divider and floor mat.
14mm fixing holes in back and base.

Sentinel Gunsafes:
Superior strength 7 lever safe deadlock(s) with a forged steel bolt, reinforced casing and reinforced internal mechanism.
Extra door reinforcement on full height models.

Sentinel Plus Gunsafes:
Double skinned vault type door.
5 point locking with electro-plated solid steel locking pins.
7 lever lock with double bitted key.
Radial tumbler lock on internal compartment on models with locking top.

Please call for advice and prices. Delivery can be arranged.

Lamps and Torches

Shooting lamps and torches

FA Anderson stock a range of quality torches and lamps. Call us or pop into our East Grinstead shop for expert advice on the best product for your needs. Powerful, efficient LEDs produce very bright light and are far more robust, able to withstand impact damage that conventional torch bulbs can not.

We can offer polycarbonate and aircraft grade alloy constructions and anti-shatter lenses. Torches can be supplied with gun mounting and with remote and push button switches.

Shooting Glasses

Among our range of quality shooting glasses is Pilla Performance Eyewear. Pilla engineers the finest shooting and hunting eyewear in the world. Partnered with Carl Zeiss Vision, the internationally recognized leader in optics these glasses have high-performance lens worthy of carrying the Zeiss name. Every product Pilla manufacture which carries the Zeiss logo has been certified by Zeiss engineers to be optically correct and meet a strict standard of excellence. The Pilla/Zeiss technologies deliver a visual experience unmatched in sports specific eyewear.